Effective Extermination With Termite Baiting System

Termites baiting system is the most popular termite exterminator these days as it is the most convenient and causes less damage. The Nemesis termite baiting system we engaged has been in the Australian Market for more than 10 years, and has proven its effectiveness in Malaysia.

The termite bait system is an effective treatment used to eliminate the entire termite colony and its’ special in-ground monitoring station can be placed in garden soil to monitor termite’s activities. It is very convenient as it is easy to set up and no drilling of unsightly holes onto floors or chemical pumping required. This solution is able to prevent the damage on your floor caused by all the drilling and chemical pumping to save your house from these little creatures.

Besides being effective, termite baiting system is also safe for the household and environment. There are no dangerous chemicals, effect or residue from this green method. In addition, this termites bait system is also friendly towards the environment. The result is long lasting and cost effective.

What is in the termite baiting system

The termites bait attracts the termites to eat the material that is combined with lethal substances that would kill the termites slowly. The active ingredient in the termite bait is Chlorfluazuron, they act by interfering with the normal growth and reproductive mechanism of the termites. They are all Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), that is, insect growth hormones that inhibit the making of chitin, a substance required for the insect’s hard outer coat and egg shells. This active ingredient in the termites bait works wonderfully on subterranean termites within 70-90 days from the first feed.

The concept behind baiting with a slow acting toxicant is that the termites feed on the chemical but do not die immediately and, therefore, have the opportunity to pass the toxin on to other members of the colony through a process of mutual feeding that occurs in termites. The termite queen is also fed in this manner, thus she is also killed by the toxin without ever having directly fed on the baits. The process requires that the termites not only die slowly but that they also do not recognise that they are being poisoned and, therefore, do not abandon their feeding site or ostracise termites that have fed on the toxin.

Hence, these substances works best with its slow killing process. If the termites die off too quickly, soon , the rest of the colony will learn to avoid the infected area where the sick or dead termites are accumulated. They might sound too smart to be true but it is indeed the fact.

When an infestation is detected in a building, the termites baits can be installed either into in-ground monitoring station or an above- ground station/the timbers where termites are found feeding. In- ground monitoring station are installed into garden soil at strategically important points around a building or house.

These in-ground station have a removable cover, which can be opened for regular inspection. Once a termite infestation is found in the wooden stakes, they are removed and replaced with the termite baits which impregnated with Chlorfluazuron. The termites from the original stakes are returned to the station so that they can feed on the bait and return to the colony, laying a chemical communication trail that tells other termites in the colony that they have encountered food. The bait is replaced at intervals.

For above ground stations, the bait is situated right above an active termite activity. This termite bait is highly attractive to destructive termites species and exterminate termites at its core. There after about 4-8 weeks, the termites disappear from the baiting sites and the building/house.

Baiting is an efficient method of termite control because it targets the termite nest where the source of infestation lies. After elimination of the termites, monitoring can be carried out with the wooden bait to forewarn of any new infestation.

Before installing the baiting system, the pest control advisor will identify what type of infestation you are facing, the termite type and the key infected areas. Then, they will advise you on which alternative will be the most effective to handle the problem and if the termite baiting system is suitable to solve the issue. Some professionals will provide tips and preventive measures to ensure that these pests will not invade your home again in the future. It is also useful to prepare yourself with some pest and ways to control pests’ information so you can provide practical feedback when it comes to the extermination process.