Pest Control Services

1. Residue Spraying for General Pest Control ( Yearly Contract )

  • Cockroaches ( Spraying )
  • Common ants ( Spraying )
  • Rodents ( Bait, Glue board & Powder )

2. Mosquitoes Control

  • Thermal Fogging
  • ULV Misting
  • Larviciding

3. Storage Pest - Weevils, Beetle and etc.

  • ULV Misting
  • Thermal Fogging

4. Birds Control

  • Ultrasonic Expeller

5. Termites Control

  1. Baiting System (with Nemesis Colony Elimination System)

    termite baiting system

    • An effective product for termite control by Termite Baiting System.
    • Had been used in the Australia market for more than 10 years.
    • It has been used in Malaysia with proven effectiveness of more than five years.
    • Easy to install, Above Ground (AG) Stations will be used to control termites colony in the house.
    • No need to drill holes or pump chemicals, so there is no damage to the flooring.
    • Active ingredient in the Bait is Chlorfluazuron, an insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which act specifically on subterranean termites.
    • It effectively control the subterranean termites (Coptotermes sp) colony within 70 to 90 days from first feeding.
  2. Post Construction Corrective Soil Treatment (CST) – Drilling and pumping of chemicals

    post construction soil treatment

    • Holes will be drilled along walls.
    • Termiticide solution will be injected into each hole according to manufacturer's recommendation.
    • A volume of 5 litres of termiticide solution will be injected into each hole.
    • Injection will be carried out at 21-25 psi pressure for maximum coverage.
    • Each treatment can only last for 3-5 years.
    • The termiticide recommended is either chlorpyrifos or imidacloprid.
  3. Pre-Construction – Chemical Termite Control Method ( For Construction Base )
    • Ground soil treatments are applied as a preventive measure against subterranean termites.
    • Offer a chemical seal barrier between the soil and the building floor, which is intended to block all potential routes of termite entry from below the ground, such as cold joints in the concrete, crevices at plumbing stub outs and open spaces for other utility lines.

Treatment Method:

Stage 1. Power-spray to drench the foundation hole before concreating.

Stage 2. Power-spray to drench the 40mm soil border around the ground-beams and columns at the correct application per meter run.

Stage 3. Power-spray to drench soil before lean concreting of ground floor slabs. Power spraying to the compacted soil surface at the rate of 5 litres of termiticide at the correct concentration for every sq. metre.

Stage 4. Power-spray to drench soil surface at the correct concentration for every meter square before concreting apron area.

6. Other Pest Control

  • Ticks & Fleas
  • House Flies
  • Bed Bugs