Pre Construction Soil Treatment

A pre-construction soil treatment is an effective protection from pest infestation caused by Subterranean Termites. It is one of the termite services provided by pest control companies. This anti-termite method is suitable for structures that are in the midst of prepping to construct. The treatment is applied in the soil to the structures’ foundation and it will form a chemical barrier around the building from under the soil as we all know that the soil is where the termites begin their attack.

Exposed foundations are treated adjacent to the ground. If the foundation is shallow, the soil is excavated to mix with the treatment then replaced back into the foundation. For deep foundations, such as basements, the termite soil treatment will be applied as the soil backfill around the foundation. The termiticide must be applied in the foundation of all walls, pillars and etc. Extra care should be taken to ensure that no termiticide should contaminate the drainage system.

The process is usually the usage of power-spray to drench the foundation hole before concreting. It will drench the soil and soil border before fixing the floor slabs. The right amount of concentration should cover the soil surface before concreting the designated area.

Pre-construction soil treatment is a preventive mode to avoid having incontrollable termite problems in the future. Always ensure that there are no leftover wooden pieces or cardboard pieces buried anywhere nearby after the construction is done as this will increase the chances of the termites infesting the area even after the treatment. Though this measure is necessary, not many house developers provide such services as a compulsory term before starting the development.

This preventive measure should only be done by professional pest controllers. They will have to work with the construction company to ensure that the soil under the concrete is chemically protected before it is too late.