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Musca Domestica
(House Fly)

Getting to Know Flies

  • Adult flies suck liquids containing sweet or decaying substances.
  • Larvae are called maggots and are creamy-white and cone-shaped and feed on moist food, rich in organic matter.
  • Have mouthparts that enable them to ingest only liquid materials.
  • Can transmit typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, pinworm.

Control Methods

  1. Fly bait contains a specially formulated mixture of two fly attractants and sugar for fast acting control. It can be used as standard scatter bait to control flies around the outside of commercial facilities, dairies and at home.
  2. Electric Fly Trap Unit with glue trap is clean and effective way getting rids of flies. This recommended for restaurants, food manufacturing segments and office where hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are prioritize. is clean and effective way getting rids of flies. It using ultra violet (UV) light technology.