Free Termite Inspection

We at One Stop Pest Control Sdn Bhd provide free termite inspection. With us being in this industry for more than 10 years, all the experience gained and accumulated knowledge will help you to solve your pest problem effectively.

Termite Inspection

An annual termite inspection is crucial as it helps to reduce the damage and repair cost done termite infestation. One Stop Pest Control Sdn Bhd offer you a full termite inspection on all potential areas that termite problem will occur.

If any termite activities found after the inspection, we will offer you effective solution available for your problem. However, if no termites found, we will still advise you to follow up on a termites prevention plan if you are living in area with high risk of termites infestation.

A thorough annual inspection from One Stop Pest Control Sdn Bhd is your ultimate shield against termites by providing prior detection of termite activity, preventing severe damage on your valuable property.

Advantages of One Stop Pest Control Sdn Bhd Inspection

Carried out by Professional Termite Control Team – Our inspections are conducted by our competent termite experts who armed with broad knowledge about termites. They are trained and experienced from various task, which allow them to provide you the right treatment for your termites problem.

As professionals, we can advise the best solution but the termites control decision is still yours to make. Besides termites, These pest control services typically deal with other pest too, such as rats, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and ants. The charges for the pest control services differ, depending on the infestation and selected treatment method.

As one of the pest control provider in Malaysia, we strive to be the best and to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide. If you are not completely sure whether your compound is infected, our free inspection will confirm your uncertainty. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.